The highest and one of the most beautiful peaks of whole Alps and Europe. Mont Blanc (italian Monte Bianco, in translation “white mountain”) is the highest mountain of Alps and Europe, extending in the Montblanc massif on the French-Italian border in height of 5 809 m.n.m. Mont Blanc is traditionally considered to be the highest peak in Europe, but due to the inconsistent methodology for the precise determination of the Euro-Asian border, this title is also attributed to the Caucasian mountain Elbrus. The summit was first climbed by the French – Jacques Balmat and Michael Paccard on August 8, 1786. The first woman to conquer Mont Blanc was Maria Paradis (1778 – 1839) on July 14, 1808 – the poor maid from Chamonix, who no longer devoted to mountaineering. Thirty years later, in 1838, another woman climbed to the Mont Blanc summit, French pioneer of mountaineering – Henriette d’Angeville. (5 642 m.n.m.) There are several ascent routes to the top, which require good physical condition. All that remains is for the ascent to go smoothly, and you will have indelible experience and the desire to return to this peak in a different way – each ascent is actually a new experience.

Ascents are designed for 4 to 6 days. It always depends on the agreement with the clients, which program they will to complete as a part of the ascent, or which we will agree on together. Options with acclimatization and preparation, or without – purely ascent.


  1. through Aiguile de Gouter and the edge of Bosses
  2. through three peaks of Mont Blanc du Tacul – Mont Maudit – Mont Blanc
  3. through the Mulets hut along the northern ridge Dome du Gouter – old path, little used, suitable for using skis
  4. through Aiguilles Grises (The Papal way) – normal way from Italy (through Gonella hut)

from 1 550 € including an acclimatization tour in the area of Chamonix
Price with acclimatization to italian Gran Paradiso (4 061 m) – 1 750 €
Price for the ascent itself (2 days) 1300 €

The price does not include the costs of the mountain guide (accommodation, food, transport and other expenses associated with the management of the event). These expenses are smoothed by the client.

Number of clients
Maximum number of clients on a hike is 1-2 according to conditions and the nature of the tour

Date ascent
Summer ascent: June – September
Winter ski ascent April – June

Warning: We guarantee exit via the Gouter or Tete Rousses cottage only when you check in for the Mont Blanc exit by 15 January in the given year of ascent. After this date, it is not possible for us to arrange accommodation in these cottages.