Ľadový štít (2 627 m) is the third highest Tatra peak. The first known ascent was made by the Englishman John Ball, Wilhelm Richter, Carl Ritter, a Hungarian painter with an unknown name and three mountain guides from Jurgov through the Dry gutter (Suchý žľab) in 1843.

It is one of the most beautiful exposed ascents in the High Tatras.

Two variants of the ascenst from the Little Cold Valley (Malá Studená dolina) from Tery´s cottage lead to the peak

  • Over the Ice Horse (Ľadový Kôň)
  • From the Small Ice Peak (Malý Ľadový štít) – Ice Peaks travers

Price for ascent
400 €

The accommodation in Tery ´s Cottage or Zamkovsky Cottage (is not included in price)