Grossglockner (3 798 m) is the highest mountain of Austria, there is in the Glockner group belonging to the Hohe Tauern and on the border of Carinthia and Tyrol. A slender, glacial-rocky pyramid in the side protrusion of the main alpine ridge resembles a bell in shape – from this its name “the big bell tower” (Grossglockner).
A five-member team was the first to reach the top July 28, 1800. Today in addition to the normal ascent route, there are also a number of climbing ascents.


The easiest ascent and descent route, elevation from the Stüdlhütte hut a little over 1000 meters high, difficulty max. II, fixed securing points.
The maximum number of clients on a hike: 3
Price for ascent
570 €/1 person, 330 €/2 persons, 250 €/3 persons
The price is per person.


Ascent along the ridge with an elevation gain of just over 1000 meters from Stüdlhütte hut, difficulty max. III+, fixed securing points in places.
Easy climbing tour.
Maximum number of clients on the hike: 2
Price for ascent
595 €/1 person, 355 €/2 persons
The price is per person.

Pallavicini’s CULOAR

Ascent of Pallavicini’s culoar is already one of the more demanding ascents, it requires experience with securing and mixed climbing (rock, ice, snow). Difficulty IV+, ice 50° to 70°.
Maximum number of clients on a hike: 1
Price for ascent
995 € per ascent (one clients)

The prices only include a reward for the mountain guide, they do not include the costs of transport, housing and food at the mountain guide during the ascent, which are paid by the guests.